Monday, March 30, 2015

Las pic of 2014
Paddy the Arse!

Route map for 2015

See you along the way :-))

And so it all begins again....!

The 2014 Cycle against Suicide ended on a high. Leaving Dundalk on that last day was exhilarating. We were all gathered at the old PJ Carroll factory, had all our bags dumped, bikes collected from their overnight parking place, excited for the day that was to come.
Recounting our stories from the night before, nailing new friendships that we knew would last right through the coming year.  Thinking of the great people we had met in our home stays and vowing to ourselves that we wouldn't forget them either. But heavy in our hearts for the lose of Brenawn in Donegal. Would definitely never forget him.
The Giro was racing us to Dublin that day too and we finally agreed we would stand aside and let them through us in Balbriggan.
And so it ended!
Two weeks of endurance laughter and tears. Vowing we would be back and saying how will we spend our time till 2015 comes around?
And here we are ....
4 weeks to go!
Bring it on