Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Day 2. Coleraine to Derry via Inishowen peninsula and Malin head.

Tuesday 28th April 2015
Coleraine to Derry via Inishowen and Malen Head

Stayed in a hostel in Carrick A Rede on the north Antrim coast last night. It was good, as hostels go. But we were given wonderful reception and shown to nice warm comfortable rooms. We had the usual bunk beds. I bagged a bottom bunk and got settled in. Some went for beers to the local pub but I was wrecked so decided to make a comfortable bed and got the head down.
Woke at 5.30 am with the wind howling off the sea and heavy rain. Stuck my head under the covers and waited for the sun to rise. Breakfast was at 6 cause we were being picked up at 7 for the bus run back to the start in Coleraine. Amazing breakfast of sausages tea toast , cereal and juice. Set up now for the day!
Went out to see the sky and was greeted with SNOW!!! It's nearly May for gods sake!!!
Bitterly cold as we boarded the bus . Got to the college in Coleraine met up with the other guys and got ready for the off.
Myself with Richie, Paul and Steve and their homestay hosts.

Liam has decided to leave us today to return for appointment in Dublin. Sorry to see him go. 
Just as we were leaving the sky's opened and we got pelted with a rain and hail shower and that seemed to be going to be the order of the day.

However, as the day progressed the weather got a bit better. Rain stopped sun came out and the wind wasn't as cold. Cruising along the beautiful Antrim Coast passed some beautiful beaches and resorts to Magiligan and to the ferry to take us to Inishowen peninsula in beautiful Donegal.
Wind was getting up again as we made the 20 minute crossing in an open boat meant for only cars.
Hugh Durnin met us on the other side, to ride with us to at least the lunch stop in Carndonagh. Good to see him. 
The trip to Carndonagh was nice with a bit of sun and calmer conditions, so we decided we were going to head for Malin. But organizers decided that cause of the uncertain weather conditions we should just go to Malin town and retrace our steps from there to Moville.
Stopping in quigleys Point for a break the skies just opened , with the return of the wintery conditions. We got a further soaking with bitterly cold headwind to boot!
I was beginning to feel there is no fun in this and I decided to settle in for the haul.
Cause of lack of charging facilities last night in the hostel, my phone has run out, my Garmin has run out and my camera is about to calve!
My home stay contact is on my phone. So, I'm going to have to get my phone charger out of my night bag which is in a truck somewhere, charge it up to get the name and number of my host for tonight.
As it happens , arriving in Foyle College  in Derry, my host is there and looking for me.
Richard and Ann are a lovely couple and greet me warmly.

After showing me my rooms and shower I'm soon settled in , warm and refreshed , to a beautiful and bountiful meal.
we have a great chat over the meal and Richard tells me how he has cycled all over the place for many years and he loves his cycling. He proudly shows me his new bike acquisition. A beautiful, battery assisted tourer which he has brought in from Germany. Im very impressed.

Life just gets better and better.
Chat tomorrow, heading to the scratcher and get ready for the trip to Enniskillen tomorrow.


  1. Sounds like a hard few days start. Hope the weather picks up for you. Safe trip

  2. Keep your spirits up Dad. Love you loads and very very proud of you x

  3. Baltic weather conditions John but Thursday and Friday are meant to be better. You're a tough one, keep her lit x