Saturday, April 25, 2015

Two more days before the start

In keeping with my training regime....HA!!! I said I would go out for a spin this morning with the Failte Group. Nothing too strenuous. But when I got up this morning it was teeming rain and I was having second thoughts . But cause I was sort of committed, I decided to brave the elements.
Not a good decision! I was wet through even before we started. Gloves were sapling! Fingers were freezing cold and I was thoroughly miserable. 
With weather forecast from Monday on being not too promising either it's certainly taken away some of the excitement of Monday start.
Last few weeks have been summer like and I got used to shedding layers and enjoying those nice early summer days. But now getting home frozen to the core and soaking wet is bringing it all back.
Think they are even forecasting snow flurries on Monday.
Buy hey!! I'm made of strong stuff I'll manage. ;-D
My son Sean is driving me to Belfast on Sunday so that will take some of the pressure off.
So gotta get on with final preparations now. 
Home stays are proving problematic in 5 towns and I'm afraid I might be singing for my bed .
Bantry, skibereen, colonel , birr and portlaoise have yet to come good for me. But there is still time 

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