Sunday, May 3, 2015

Day 6 Birr to Limerick 97km

Saturday 2nd May 2015
Joe and Claire left me back to the start line after a nights sleep which seen me over sleep
It was raining steadily and had been all night long. The occasional car that passed in the night I could hear splashing on the road
Anyway, they got me to the start line in time and I enjoyed showing them around.
Start time was 10 am and as usual we were punctual.
I was worried about the cold more than the wet cause the cold is harder on the body than the rain so I waited till the last minute to store my bag in the lorry.
When we got going it was quite comfortable . Although it was raining constantly now, it was bearable. Once your wet your wet.
The pace has picked up today and has eliminated the risk of crashes ... Well almost.
The sos beags are great cause they get you an early break mostly unexpected.
Arriving in the hall they  had a lovely spread of mostly fruit . Best sos beag of all.

Heading down to Nenagh in the wet was lovely cause most had forgotten the rain cause it was constant. But the reception in the school was poor. I know it's Saturday and people find it difficult to front up. But if your going to host the cycle..... Do it! And do it right. People are counting on you.
We had yesterday's sandwiches and no coffee or tea.
Heading out of Nenagh heading for Limerick, I was in a complete change of clothes after the soaking of this morning.
I was toasty and dry for the presentation
Bob Carley and Colm Hayes from 2FM have arrived and the presentations are good. Very funny and moving at the same time.

 Dave and Brian from Newbridge, new NCC recruits

The spin into limerick was a pleasure even in the rain
Limerick Main Street was like Oxford street on a Saturday afternoon and we sailed through the center amongst all the shoppers.
Full with shoppers who gave us a great reception
Got to Dell factory in limerick for our food, homestay and relax
My homestay didn't front up but Peter Denehey from last year offered me a bed in his homestay cause they had a guy who didn't show and I accepted. I didn't feel comfortable about checking out the homestay I had booked cause I was nervous about when I might get there.
Dolores, our homestay lady, picked us up and took us to her house and fed us beef stew and potatoes and rhubarb tart, before we decided to head off to the meeting point pub for a relax and a few beers.
What a great idea to meet guys with their clothes on and have the craic.
Great night home by taxi at 2am
Roll on tomorrow.....quietly!


  1. You are going good john. The weather has been lousy but you are keeping your spirit up and you seem to be enjoying the company and the craic. Well done

  2. Thanks Eileen. All going as planned. If there ever was a plan xx