Thursday, May 14, 2015 that what its called.

This has been my third year doing this Cycle against Suicide around Ireland 14 day 1400km cycle to help break the cycle of Suicide in Ireland. I have coined myself as a 'triple lifer'. That term came from year one when I suggested to the other guys we be known then as the 'Lifers" I thought it had a nice ring to it. Then it became the Double Lifers a smaller number and now it the Triple Lifers, very few of us left.
But between a Lifer and a Triple Lifer, in those 2 short years over 1600 people have taken their own lives.
Thats near twice the number of people who were on this cycle into Dublin on Sunday.
We were shoulder to shoulder coming down the quays and we stretched from O Connell bridge to Capel Street and beyond. Imagine that from O Connell Bridge to near Heuston Station. All those people now GONE!
And the people left behind wondering, why?, might stretch to Johnstown Bridge or Mizen Head and out into mid Atlantic. Who will ever know.
This started for me as another challenge. 1400km over 14 day without a break. Great! I can do this. Year 2? still that and Year 3? still that.
But each time I listen to more people with stories about their lose.
My friend asked me ... this is your third year at this. Do you see a difference? Is the message getting through? I said I didnt know and he said well whats the point? I couldnt answer him, whats the point.
But i cant do nothing!
If this is the way to break the cycle of suicide in Ireland Ill try it. If not then, I dont know how you do it!
See you next year. Shoulder to Shoulder!

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  1. Magnificent achievement John, very well done. I think all you bikers who push yourselves so hard over 2 long weeks for the CAS campaign do make a difference. You, and the people who support you, show that you care about your fellow human being and that is heartening. God knows what the statistics might be if people like you did not do what you do. Congratulations