Thursday, May 7, 2015

Day 10 Skibereen to Cork City 94km

Day 10 skibereen to Cork 94km

Today is a poignant day . It was day 10 last year when Brenawn lost his life outside Donegal town. All the crew are wearing orange armbands in rememberance of him.

New arrival on Aidans farm
Before going to the start line,  Aidan is taking me to the Famine graveyard where 100's of people were buried in a mass grave during the famine in the 1850's. Very sad to see the unmarked plot and the memorials erected in memory of those who died.
Now we are living through another tragedy. The tragedy of so many who are dying every day from suicide. Remember them all. Its a sobering thought, walking around here remembering all those who suffered. Skibbereen was one of the worst affected areas of the country during the famine and the last time i felt this way was in Dachau.

We are given a huge farewell from the people of Skibb . They turn out in huge numbers to see us off.
Aidan and Mary have come down to see me off too.
The day begins to look promising. We have a delicious tailwind that will push us all the way to Cork and before we know it we are turning into the GAA center in Clonakilty
Gavin is meeting me here to ride into Cork with me. I'm really looking forward to seeing him and enjoying his company.
It's a short hop to Clonakilty and when we stop for lunch at the local sports complex, its not long before he arrives. Looking fit, with a nice new bike. Very impressive. It's his first trip on a road bike cause he normally rides a mountain bike.
We rode together  through lovely countryside and we are both having the craic. I have taken off the marshall bib so we can ride at our leisure.
Sun is hot , tail wind is assisting too. We have a huge number out today too and the big orange peloton is very impressive as it threads away into the hills.
It's over 60 km to Cork city and the time passed very quickly. It seemed no time till be arrived into Cork city.
Then it's a quick cuppa, chat with the lads about the day, as Gavin goes off to tie up with Maggie, collect the kids and get home to Garryvoe. It's Emily's birthday and she is all excited as there are presents tonight cause Grandad is here. Have a lovely big bowl of chilli for dinner and a beer then early to bed.
ready to rock!
Cycling with Gavin
I'm feeling really tired is evening . I think the energy levels are starting to run into deficit. Developed a pain in my knee which I hope dissipates after a nights rest. Bike is starting to creak now too, I think it a problem with the back wheel or the bottom bracket. Maybe it just need some tlc, it hasn't had a lot of that since I left last Monday week

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