Sunday, May 3, 2015

Day 5 Longford to Birr 107km

Friday 1st May 2015
Longford to Birr 107km

Today I rose early in Longford, the house is out in the countryside and the sun is rising outside my window, lovely sight. Breakfast is tea and toast and cereal. great having the breakfast with the boys aged 3 and 5. All questions...mostly why?
Claire left us back to the start point with her little boy. He didn't want us to leave he was enjoying the company. I took him for a ride on my bike and he was really happy and content for us to leave now. :-)
After a low key presentation we headed out on a cold bright morning for Athlone for our first stop. It was an uneventful days cycling except when I decided to pull off the road for a natural break. As I was slowing looking for a spot I did a 'dell boy fall' on a down slope and went arse over tail with the bike still attached. No major damage . Just a bent brake lever and damaged pride. Glad not too many saw me. Its a most undignified fall!
 Leigh Carr from last year
Christine Lacey from Year 1 and 2

Steve and John Byrne from Carlow and Majorca

 It was 3.30 when we headed onto Birr.
Weather has been good today and I wonder how long it will last.
It's a descent pace on this leg and it's nice to get spinning the legs.
Into Birr at last, cold to the core over the last hour. Can't help thinking about all my homestay experiences since I left Belfast and all the lovely people I have met and even tho we have had some miserable weather I'm sure it will improve and the rest of the trip will be great.

At a Sos Beag stop in a park with kiddies leisure stuff we take advantage.
After all we are all kids at heart.

 This is Martin Veale from Waterford riding this standard issue postie bike all the way around...a pure demon on the hills

 Claire and Joe.

Arriving into Birr we are met in the town square with lots of people to greet us and some great music from a big outdoor stage. It's not long before I met by hosts Claire and Joe Hernon and head to their house for a welcome shower and dinner. After stowing the bike for the night.
Claire offers to take me into town if I want to meet up with any of the lads but I'm tired and just want my bed.
Head to bed at about 10 telling Joe I won't need a call in the morning cause I'll be up.
Next thing I know it's 8.30 and Claire is calling me. :-)
It's pouring with rain and looks to be down for the day.
Arriving at the start it's quite miserable. Not knowing what to wear for the best. Today is going to be a lottery, clothes -wise.

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