Thursday, May 7, 2015

Day 11 Cork to Clonmel via Michelstown 92 km

Left Gavin and Maggie's this morning in great sunshine. A very promising day. Had a lovely night and morning with the kids. Maggie took me to the start to collect my bike and dump my bags.
Heading out through Cork City it was cold but bright. Looking forward to the day.
Anyone who says CAS is slow should have come with us last few days. Real pacey!
keep asking! Are you ok?
By bike it really creaking now. It's like a hammock swinging in the evening. Putting me to sleep. Getting all sorts of cracks and creaks from what appears to be bottom bracket to knee replacement et al! getting all the jokes on the road "is that your bike or your knees" kinda thing. I've heard them all by now now and it's getting tedious. Doing some self diagnosis myself as I go, I'm trying to illiminate  things it could be.
Michelstown is our lunch stop and I need to get this noise sorted. Food and the reception here is again fantastic.
Its a shame to eat these!
City cycles are our support vehicle. They agree to look at it for me and I have them flummoxed. It's the bottom bracket, it's the frame, bring bike back! I think it's the back wheel! Finally with 3 mechanics on the job we find it. Loose spokes on back wheel. They have no key to tighten them so I have to put up with it till we find a bike shop in Clonmel. Up on the bike, riding out ! Noise gone! Happy Days! Rocking up the hills now!"
Brilliant spin into Clonmel, going to be leg weary tonight.
Great reception again into Clonmel from all the townspeople out to see us in . Then at the school all the pupils out along the drive into the hall.
The Looby's. Great family.
My Homestay for the night is Jimmy and Mary and their 4 kids. I'm getting royally treated. Beautiful meal and craic with the kids around the table. Little Bill, their youngest, wants to know all about bikes, and shoes and stuff. Full of questions. Jimmy offers to take me to the pub and he will come with me, even though he is teetotal, and lives about 10km from town. What a family, all can't do enough for me. But I'm tired and decline and get to bed exhausted by 10
Night, night.
Chat tomorrow. Zzzzzzz!

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  1. Can't believe that your 2 weeks is nearly up and you are heading towards home now. You have done fantastically well, you are in real good shape when the creaks and cracks are coming from the bike and not from you. God send you safe in these last couple of days. Lots of love x