Monday, May 4, 2015

Day 7 Limerick to Tralee 110km

Today we left Limerick after spending the night in the hands of Des and Dolores. Peter, who was staying in the house with me, coaxed me ( didnt take a lot! Just sayin!)to go to a pub in Limerick for a beer with the other lads on the CAS who had arranged a night out, half way round.
Reluctantly I said I would. ;-)
Taxi home to the house at 2.30 am was how it ended up. But have to say it was a great night.
Dolores and Des took us back to the Dell building where we had left the bikes. The facilities provided were second to none. Bike racks, heated building, great toilet facilities, food. What more could you ask for.
Was reasonably ok to cycle this morning. I knew the carbs from the Guiness would kick in at any time. As it was it was about lunchtime before I felt anyway right. (Note to self...dont have the last pint! Its the killer!)
We were hit with some heavy showers from the start but all in all not too bad of a day.
Pace was fast today we had a tailwind of sorts which I knew would change when we turned at Tarbert. when we reached Tarbert I was ready for food. The people from there put on a great spread for us and set us up for the last 50 km to Tralee. All organised in less than a week! The kids put on some Irish dancing for us and the presentation given was brilliant. The sun was out now and we were all trying to catch a little warm sun sheltered from a cool wind. How good it feels to have sun on your body when its so cold.
That leg to Tralee was some good cycling. Wind was gusting but , in a big group its easy to hide. and we had a huge reception in Tralee when we got there.
I'm feeling pretty good today. The legs are holding up very well. My bike is beginning to creak a bit. No! Not my bones! Think it's bearing problem or back wheel. But it's not holding me up. I'm in good form.

Its here that I hear of the sad death of Aidan Lynam, a motor Cycle support rider who had supported us in the past and at sportives back in Naas. Killed on his motorcycle while doing the thing he had dedicated himself to. Raising funds for Downs Syndrome Ireland. Its a sad day.

In Tralee my home stay is the Brooklands Hotel. I'm sharing with another lad who I don't know but that's ok. Taxi to hotel. I'm looking forward to the freedom of a hotel for the night.
In,  big shower, pamper, get the smellies on and down  to the bar for a Guiness, a steak and plank myself down in front of a big tv and watch Rory mc Ilroy win the world match play. Sure what else would you be doing.
My roommate hasn't shown yet and it looks like there will be no discussion over who gets double bed and who gets single.
I disgorge my bags and get everything dried out. I love making a mess in my room!
Crap internet access is my only complaint.
Great nights sleep for the trip to Bantry tomorrow .

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